• Children & Teens

    Have Your Dentist Talk to Your Kids about Oral Hygiene Expectations Have your dentist (the expert) share with your child about why it's important to keep their teeth and their gums healthy with regular brushing and flossing. Power Struggles with Older Kids If and when you get into a power struggle

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  • Dental Anxiety

    It is not uncommon for children to dread a trip to the dentist's office…let's face it: many adults do, as well. The trick is not to feed into a child's nervousness. In truth, children who have never been to the dentist's office have no experiences upon which to base anxiety. It's commentary from parents

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  • Favorite Foods & Cavities

    Cavities are the most common dental issue faced by children, and this can be attributed to a number of factors. First, it's no secret that kids don't do a great job when brushing their teeth, and very few of them floss at all, let alone once a day. Still, many dentists argue that diet plays the biggest

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  • Getting Your Kids to Brush

    The biggest influence in children's oral health is parental involvement. Over 95% of kids learn by what they are modeled, not by what we tell them to do. It is essential that parents not only model what a healthy oral regime looks like but that they also help to create a routine that works best for their

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  • Pulling Out A Loose Tooth

    Every parent faces this conundrum: your child has a loose baby tooth. Losing baby teeth is a normal rite of passage, made even sweeter by the promise of a visit from the tooth fairy. But what do you do about the tooth? Should you wiggle it, pull it, or what? The truth is it depends on the child and

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